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Impact Rated Windows

Lee’s Glass is proud to offer a wide range of impact rated windows for residential and commercial customers. Whether you are looking for windows for new construction or to replace the older windows in your existing home, the specialists at Lee’s Glass and Window Works can provide an effective solution.

Impact Rated Windows – Always Ready

Impact rated windows from Lee's Glass and Window Works can help to protect your home and family.Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we know it is only a matter of time before we experience another tropical weather event. Unlike bulky shutters or heavy panels, impact rated windows can protect your home or business from strong winds and flying debris without any additional add-ons.

Once they are installed there is no need to put up, remove or store any additional parts. Day after day and year after year, your new windows will help to protect against impacts and intrusions. These windows provide protection without substantially reducing the amount of light that enters your home or blocking views of the outdoors.

Lee’s Glass Pro Tip: While they are commonly referred to as “hurricane windows” or “hurricane proof windows,” no window can truly guard against every possible situation. That being said, there are substantial differences between manufacturers and the models they offer. Windows may be rated to withstand large or small missile impacts, different levels of cyclical pressure, or other tests designed to simulate hurricane conditions. In order to be labeled “impact code approved,” windows must pass the specific requirements set by your local regulatory body.

Impact Rated Windows - Protect Your Home From Hurricanes!Protect Your Home and Your Family

Constructed with layers of glass encasing a strong interlayer, impact rated windows may also protect against intruders. Unlike security films that are simply applied to the glass on existing windows, these windows are built with strong frames that are designed to hold the glass in place. Even if the glass is broken, the interlayer remains intact in the frame and can prevent unwanted access to your home. Because there is no need to deploy shutters or panels, your home will be protected even if you are out of town.

Impact Rated Windows – Effective and Efficient

In addition to helping protect your home and family from the ravages of hurricane-force winds, our impact rated windows offer all of the benefits of standard modern windows. Homes updated with new impact rated windows will benefit from better energy efficiency and enjoy reduced fading of interior furnishings. Many homeowners also notice a dramatic reduction in the amount of outside noise they hear after installing new impact rated windows.
Impact rated windows and doors also offer many financial benefits:

  • New impact rated windows can help to reduce heating and cooling costs through improved thermal resistance
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for installing hurricane protection measures such as impact rated windows
  • Should you put your home on the market, new impact rated windows can add value and curb appeal that attracts potential buyers by making your home stand out from the crowd

Impact Rated Windows from Lee’s Glass and Window Works

As always, the specialists at Lee’s Glass and Window Works offer free estimates on impact rated windows. We stand behind our products and installation with a 100% guarantee. Call us today to speak to our experienced team and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected.

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"The Lee's installation crew was very clean, polite and professional. We cannot believe the difference the new windows made to our house."
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