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Aluminum Frame Windows

While vinyl windows have become the most popular choice for new construction and replacement windows, aluminum framed windows still have their place.Peaden Bay Aluminum Window Outside

Aluminum windows are functional, stylish and require little in the way of maintenance. They are strong, yet lightweight, and are highly adaptable to a wide variety of needs. Here are some of their additional positive attributes:

  • Aluminum is easily manipulated for custom and/or unique window shapes.
  • High performance aluminium windows meet or exceed energy efficiency standards.
  • The narrow frames maximize views and compliment the clean lines of modern home design.
  • They can be custom painted. This is a great way to match other aluminum components to your home, such as the garage or sliding doors.
  • While aluminum windows are often more expensive than vinyl windows, they are considerably more affordable than wood or steel windows.

Aluminum Windows on white and brown house Pensacola FLOne popular option is the clear anodized aluminum window frame. Anodizing the aluminum not only gives the frame a distinctive beauty, it also creates a tough and corrosion-resistant finish that will extend the life of your window frame.

Aluminum framed windows are available in the same window types as vinyl windows .

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