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Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to maximizing the brightness of a room and exposure to your outdoor space, nothing beats sliding glass doors. If you are simply replacing a sliding glass door, you already know that!

With a new installation, we can give you the latest technology, that makes for easier sliding and more energy efficient glass to not only provide a beautiful new door, but comfort and safety as well.

Sliding glass doors are available in vinyl, aluminum and wood clad. They come as tall as 10 feet tall and can be designed to fit nearly any width.

Here are the types of sliding glass doors offered by Lee’s Glass & Window Works:

Hawkins PGT Door in Pensacola FLTwo-Panel Bypass Sliding Glass Door –
This is the traditional sliding glass door that comes with one operable panel and the other fixed.

Multiple Panel Sliding Glass Doors – You don’t have to settle for just one operable panel. Multiple panels can be operable and slide either to the right or left.

90 Degree Angle Sliding Glass Doors – For a less conventional look, and an even brighter room, 90 degree sliding glass doors can be manufactured with almost any configuration.





The fine craftsmwhite tinted sliding glass dooranship of our sliding glass doors offers a view that you, your family, and your friends will absolutely love. Our doors will perfectly compliment your home’s unique style and design, and offer dependable security and easy operation.

Our installation process is always smooth and easy on our customers. If you are ready to install a new sliding glass door, give Lee’s Glass & Window Works a call at (850) 432-0865 today!

Sliding Glass Door Repair

If your sliding glass door is in good structural shape then it might be beneficial to have the door serviced or repaired as opposed to a complete door replacement. Lee’s Glass has qualified technicians who are skilled at roller and glass panel replacement, rack refurbishment and lock adjustment. It doesn’t matter how big the doors are or where the doors are located. Sometimes a good thorough cleaning, replacement of a few key parts and a little adjustment can get your sliding glass doors working like new. Call us today! We can help!


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"Lee’s Glass replaced drafty 26 year old windows with PGT Vinyl WinGuard 500 Series Impact Resistant, Low E Windows. Wow, what a difference! Not only did they help update the look of my home, the windows have saved me a lot of money on my bill."
- David