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Aluminum Frame Windows

While vinyl windows have become the most popular choice for new construction and replacement windows, aluminum framed windows still have their place.

Aluminum windows are functional, stylish and require little in the way of maintenance. They are strong, yet lightweight, and are highly adaptable to a wide variety of needs. Here are some of their additional positive attributes:

  • Aluminum is easily manipulated for custom and/or unique window shapes.
  • High performance aluminium windows meet or exceed energy efficiency standards.
  • The narrow frames maximize views and compliment the clean lines of modern home design.
  • They can be custom painted. This is a great way to match other aluminum components to your home, such as the garage or sliding doors.
  • While aluminum windows are often more expensive than vinyl windows, they are considerably more affordable than wood or steel windows.

One popular option is the clear anodized aluminum window frame. Anodizing the aluminum not only gives the frame a distinctive beauty, it also creates a tough and corrosion-resistant finish that will extend the life of your window frame.

Aluminum framed windows are available in the same window types as vinyl windows .

Exterior Doors

You pass in and out of your home’s front door every day. It not only has to endure heavy traffic, but it must have the aesthetic appeal that represents the place you call home. In addition to aesthetics, your exterior doors must be well insulated and provide safety and comfort from the elements.

Lee’s Glass & Window Works installs a wide variety of exterior doors. We work with homeowners to ensure that you are getting the right door for your style and functional needs.

Types of Exterior Doors

So, how do you know which exterior door is the right one for you? Here’s a look at some of the options we offer here at Lee’s Glass & Window Works:

Single swing exterior doors can swing in or out. Glass is an option that is totally up to you. If your doorway does not have standard dimensions, the door can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications.

Single and double French doors are a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade a standard sliding glass door, or your old metal framed French doors. Our fiberglass doors with composite jambs are a very popular choice.

Double French doors that are set with transoms make for a beautiful entrance to your home, and provide extra light and a more open feel.

Lee’s Glass has worked with homeowners throughout the Pensacola and Gulf Coast area to install the best residential exterior doors on the market. A trained Lee’s Glass installation technician will not only help you make the best choice for your needs, but have your doors installed in a timely manner.

Foggy Glass

Fogging is a common problem with double-paned windows. If this is an issue in your home, you can save money by simply having the glass replaced rather than replacing the entire window.

Window fogging occurs when the seal between the panes of glass fails, and condensation occurs between the window panes. While it’s a more common problem in older windows, it can also occur in some newer windows, due to a premature seal failure in the manufacturing process, or if the window has been exposed to a significant and prolonged amount of pressure from high speed winds or temperature changes.

Lee’s Glass can replace fogged insulated glass units of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Insulated glass window units
  • Patio door glass units
  • Tempered glass units
  • Transoms
  • Sidelites
  • Specialty glass

We can fabricate insulated glass units, and if needed, we can also order specialty glass units. In most cases, the new glass will be similar to the original. The internal grids, also referred to as muntins, can be replaced as well.

Consider Low-E Glass

If fogged windows are a pervasive problem throughout your home, you may want to consider upgrading your windows with a low-emissive (low-E) glass. This type of glass has been treated with an invisible metallic oxide coating that reflects heat while still allowing the full light of the sun into your home. Benefits include reduced home energy usage, less fabric fading, and improved comfort inside your home.

Not only is fogged window repair an easy and affordable process, it’s a great way to update your windows without entirely replacing them.

Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to maximizing the brightness of a room and exposure to your outdoor space, nothing beats sliding glass doors. If you are simply replacing a sliding glass door, you already know that!

With a new installation, we can give you the latest technology, that makes for easier sliding and more energy efficient glass to not only provide a beautiful new door, but comfort and safety as well.

Sliding glass doors are available in vinyl, aluminum and wood clad. They come as tall as 10 feet tall and can be designed to fit nearly any width.

Here are the types of sliding glass doors offered by Lee’s Glass & Window Works:

Two-Panel Bypass Sliding Glass Door – This is the traditional sliding glass door that comes with one operable panel and the other fixed.

Multiple Panel Sliding Glass Doors – You don’t have to settle for just one operable panel. Multiple panels can be operable and slide either to the right or left.

90 Degree Angle Sliding Glass Doors – For a less conventional look, and an even brighter room, 90 degree sliding glass doors can be manufactured with almost any configuration.

The fine craftsmanship of our sliding glass doors offers a view that you, your family, and your friends will absolutely love. Our doors will perfectly compliment your home’s unique style and design, and offer dependable security and easy operation.

Our installation process is always smooth and easy on our customers.

Vinyl Windows

Lee’s Glass carries a full line of replacement and new construction vinyl windows for your residential needs. Whether its impact rated or non-impact rated, we have the perfect window for you.

Pensacola, Florida residents know all too well the power of mother nature in our coastal region. That’s why homeowners can rest easier knowing their family is protected by impact rated windows.

Due to significant strides in new technology, vinyl windows have become the most popular choice for new and replacement windows in the residential marketplace. Here are some of the many reasons homeowners are making vinyl window their number one choice:

  • They are usually more cost effective than other window options.
  • They are basically maintenance-free.
  • High quality vinyl windows will last longer than other windows.
  • They help lower energy costs, since they are airtight.
  • The superior installation reduces outside noise more effectively.
  • They will not rot and are very durable.

Types of Vinyl Windows

While vinyl windows have been around since World War II, they didn’t take hold in the U.S. market until the 1990s. Since then, they’ve become the preferred window choice for discerning homeowners. Here are the the types of vinyl windows we can install in your home:

Single Hung

This is the basic vinyl window option. With single hung windows, the bottom sash moves up and down, while the top sash stays fixed. Single-hung windows are a great choice for rooms that face walkways, porches or patios, since they don’t protrude out.

Double Hung

Double hung windows can be operated from both the bottom and top sash. Both are also usually able to tilt in to clean or ventilate rooms.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are non-operable windows that help eliminate the framing and increase window views. Picture windows can really open up a room if you are looking for a clean frameless look.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are also an excellent choice for people looking for clear views of the outdoors, but in this case the windows can be opened by cranking out horizontally to allow for ventilation and even to pass through (in emergency situations).

Project-Out / Awning Windows

Project-out, or awning windows, project out from the bottom. They are often used in bathrooms and have gained in popularity recently since vinyl window manufacturers have started to offer them.

Horizontal Slider Windows

Horizontal slider windows open with the sash sliding left or right. These windows are popular in sunrooms and contemporary style homes.

Wood Window

While there are other newer styles of windows homeowners have to choose from, wood windows (standard or custom made) are still a popular choice for those looking for a more traditional exterior appearance to their home.

Wood windows usually come unfinished, so they can be painted or stained to fit the homeowner’s needs. However, you also have the option of ordering wood windows already primed and ready to be painted, or simply pre-painted.

Wood windows have terrific insulating properties and are relatively resistant to the effects of temperature. That said, they are also very susceptible to moisture. And since wood is a natural product, that means homeowners need to keep their wood replacement windows sealed by painting or staining them on a regular basis. So, the trade-off for that traditional beauty is ongoing maintenance.

Wood windows are available in the same types as vinyl windows.

Prices vary, depending on the brand and quality. Additional options such as high-performance glass, decorative inserts, or exotic woods also increase the final price. But if those relatively minor drawbacks are not enough to make you shy away from wood windows, and you are willing to put in the occasional work to keep them looking great, wood windows are a thing of beauty!

To learn more about your window replacement options, call Lee’s Glass today at (850) 432-0865 to go over the options that work best for you.


"Lee’s Glass replaced drafty 26 year old windows with PGT Vinyl WinGuard 500 Series Impact Resistant, Low E Windows. Wow, what a difference! Not only did they help update the look of my home, the windows have saved me a lot of money on my bill."
- David