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Advantages of Impact-Resistant Windows

Wind blown trees in Florida

If you are a homeowner, one of the best ways you can protect your investment as well as your family is to have impact-resistant windows installed. Also referred to as hurricane windows, they offer unsurpassed protection from the elements.

Pensacola and the surrounding Gulf Coast region offers an amazing lifestyle, conducive to people who enjoy the beautiful outdoors. On the downside, we are often in the crosshairs of extreme tropical storms and hurricane winds.

If you are on the fence about which way you should go with your new windows, here are some of the reasons impact-resistant windows are a fantastic choice:

  • They are tested to meet the highest wind loads
  • The windows are designed to keep objects from penetrating your home during high wind conditions
  • Laminated glass offers 24-hour security
  • Laminated glass offers increased soundproofing
  • Additional hurricane protection is not required so there are no panels to store and there are no unsightly anchors on the sides of your home

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies understand the benefits that come with impact-resistant windows, so they will likely make it worth your while to have them installed. In addition to making property damage less likely, it lowers the risk of burglars entering your home through your windows. All of this makes your property a lower loss risk in the eyes of your insurance company, which should add up to premium savings for you. If you are considering window installation, contact your insurance company to see if it will impact your rates.

There are advantages to both types of window options, so a homeowner should consider all of the facts when making their final decision on which direction to go.

Advantages of Non-Impact Rated Windows

  • Combination of non-impact windows and additional hurricane protection might be less expensive
  • If you already have qualifying hurricane protection then you will meet the code by installing non-impact rated windows
  • Non-impact rated windows are also tested at high wind loads

All fair comparisons aside, the clear winner between the two window options is the impact-resistant window. When you live in an area that is susceptible to extreme weather, the peace of mind that comes with impact-resistant windows is unmatched. Remember, it’s not so much the wind that you are being protected from, but possible flying objects that are sent towards your home.

Whether it’s increased safety for you and your family, better shielding you from the Sun’s UV radiation, improving energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills, there are many great reasons to consider impact-resistant windows as your upgrade option.

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