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When Should You Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

replace a sliding glass door

Do you feel a draft from gaps between the sliding glass doors or the frame? Does a heavy down pour cause it to leak? This and other signs signal you should replace a sliding glass door. Today’s sliding glass doors improve the appearance of your home, provide more security to you and your family and help reduce monthly heating and cooling bills.

Signs You May Need to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

Your sliding glass door makes it pretty clear when it becomes worn out and is ready to be replaced. These telltale signs include:

  • The glass panes trap moisture and fog up.
  • You see a gap between your patio doors or the doors and the frame. Replacing it helps improve your home security and decreases the money you spend on energy bills.
  • The doors become difficult to open and shut. This may be a sign that your slider needs repair or replacement.  We can do either one.  Call us for an estimate.
  • A misalignment with the tracks makes it pop off and get stuck.
  • Standing next to it, you feel a hot or cold draft coming through the sliding glass door, depending on the season.
  • The rollers become damaged from the buildup of grit and grime in the track of the sliding glass doors.
  • You notice damage to the frame.
  • Bad weather destroys the weather stripping, which results in water leaking into your home during every heavy rainstorm.

Modern Sliding Glass Door Features

If you want to replace a sliding glass door installed a longtime ago, you will be amazed at the options we can provide you today. Sliding Glass Doors come in a variety of materials and styles such as beautiful wood resistant to rot and insects, clad wood, which is metal outside and wood inside, durable vinyl and lightweight and strong aluminum.

 Sliding glass doors also come in a variety of styles. Depending on the size of the opening, you can choose two to four panels that open from the left or right. One of the biggest benefits is the glass in the newer sliders offers high energy efficiency, impact-resistance, UV protection, textured, tempered and double-paned. You can even have doors with a narrow panel, making it easier for your pet to go in and out.

Maintaining Your Sliding Glass Door

You can do regular maintenance to your sliding glass door to help it last longer. This ensures it opens, closes and locks easily. One tip: totally eliminate debris build-up in the tracks.

Door dragging? Lubricate the track, check the rollers on top and bottom and either replace them or make adjustments to them.

Sometimes locks refuse to latch. If this happens, lubricate it and make any necessary adjustments to secure your home.

Lee’s Glass & Window Works Can Replace a Sliding Glass Door for You!

We can offer you a range of top-of-the-line energy efficient, noise reduction and/or impact resistant glass doors, depending on what your needs are with sliding glass door replacement. Our local and veteran owned company has completed high-quality and affordable work for our neighbors in the Pensacola, Florida, and Northwest Florida area since 1974. Give us a call at Lee’s Glass & Window Works today!

"Greg and I love our new windows and doors from Lee's. Not only do we have a more energy efficient home, it also has a more appealing look to it. We experienced friendly professional service that comes with a quality locally owned family business. "
- Margaret W.