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What are the Benefits of Low E Windows?

Low E Windows

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, there’s one big question to consider: which new windows and what type of glass should you purchase? Regardless of the style of your home, insulated glass with low-E coating is an excellent choice for replacement windows. Here’s what you need to know about this unique energy-saving technology, and why you may want to purchase low-E windows.

What are Low-E Windows?

Low-E stands for “low-emissivity.” These windows use a microscopic coating of metallic oxides to reflect heat away from the window, thereby reducing the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that penetrates the glass. Don’t let the word “coating” fool you, though – these windows control UV light without compromising your view. 

Homeowners will enjoy the multiple benefits of this high-technology glass. The main draw of these panes is that they help keep indoor temperatures consistent and reduce energy bills. In fact, UV-repellent coating is a requirement for windows to meet EnergyStar standards in the Southeast.

The EnergyStar rating is also required for windows to meet most local building code requirements. Because of this, EnergyStar rated windows will help increase the value of a home

It’s easy to tell when a home has energy efficient windows with low-E.  The low-E coating on clear glass will give the windows a slight greenish-blue look.  In the window business that’s an obvious sign that the homeowner is enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient windows.

3 Fast Benefits of Low E Windows

Still not convinced low-E windows are for you? Here are some significant benefits to consider:

1. Reduced energy costs

Everyone wants to lower their energy bills. Fortunately, low-E windows can help you do it. By blocking infrared light from the outside, low-emissivity panes reduce strain on the home’s heating and cooling systems. This lowers monthly bills and makes for a more efficient home. 

2. Longer furniture lifespan

Over time, UV light from windows will fade your home’s fabric and textiles. Fortunately, low-E coatings help reduce UV light. Blocking UV light helps extend the lifespan of your furniture, drapes, floors, and carpet. It also reduces UV light exposure for your family, which means healthier skin. 

3. Beautiful views

While they block harmful UV rays, low-E windows do not block all natural light. Instead, the coating is invisible to the naked eye. These windows allow visible light through the pane to brighten the room, providing beautiful views and sunny vistas. 

Lee’s Glass: Your Source for Low-E Windows

Replacing your home’s windows is a big job. If you’re considering installing efficient, advanced low-E windows, Lee’s Glass is here to help. Your trusted team of window experts, we’ve been helping homeowners find beautiful, efficient, quality windows for years. Ready to learn more about energy-efficient windows and whether they’re a good fit for your home? Contact us today.

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