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These Aren’t Your Father’s Vinyl Windows!

These Aren’t Your Father’s Vinyl Windows!

Vinyl windows have overcome many misconceptions since being introduced to the United States in 1964. Today, they have gained a high level of acceptance due to advanced technology and features, accounting for over half of all new window sales.

The Start of Vinyl

Vinyl window technology was first introduced to the United States in 1964. However, the new product faced skepticism from many contractors and consumers. Plastics during this time saw limited use in construction, and were often viewed as cheap and not fit to build solid, sturdy structures.

Vinyl’s first practical use occurred during World War II when Naval ships began replacing the rubber insulation and flammable cloth jacketing with vinyl for their electrical wiring. Shortly after the war, material shortages led to further experimentation with vinyl and its application in building materials such as window frames.

Since then, vinyl has proven itself as a well-performing, cost-effective building material. In fact, vinyl holds the title for the largest-volume plastic in building and construction products.

These Aren’t Your Father’s Vinyl Windows!

Versatility of vinyl has increased the popularity of this material for different categories of consumers. Used in all types of homes, the material is adaptable to both flexible and rigid applications. Vinyl may be customized for all sorts of applications and produced in nearly any color, pattern and texture. Additionally, vinyl windows provide superior performance are highly recognized in these key areas:

Low Maintenance

Color is integrated into vinyl frames through the addition of pigments in the formulation rather than as a surface coating. This means there is never a need for touch-ups due to weathering or scratches!

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window frames are highly-effective thermal insulators with a very low U-value. With multiple options for glazing, these windows are real energy-savers! Low emissivity (low-E) coatings are particularly helpful for hot climates like Florida. Applying these coatings to the outer pane of the window minimizes heat gain by reflecting the heat back outdoors.

Structural Strength

The multi-chambered design of vinyl window frames provides a favorable weight-to-strength ratio. In fact, many designs are deemed stronger than solid wood frames. In larger windows, metal reinforcements are inserted to boost the strength of vinyl frames.

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