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Reap the Benefits of Impact-Rated Windows

Super strong impact-rated windows help protect your home and family.

Impact-rated windows provide more than just protection from flying debris and strong winds for homeowners. These tough windows also work to block noise and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Impact-Rated Windows

To the casual observer, impact-resistant windows may not appear that different from normal windows. However, the benefits they deliver make them an excellent investment for homeowners along the Gulf Coast. As the common name “hurricane windows” implies, the multiple layers of glass and resistant coatings are designed to prevent penetration by flying debris during severe weather such as a hurricane.

These same features, however, provide other benefits that work throughout the year during all types of weather!

Noise Reduction

The same heavy-duty construction that protects against flying debris also reduces the amount of outdoor noise you hear inside your home. If you are a light sleeper or live in a busy area, the noise-isolating properties of these windows may quickly become one of your favorite benefits!

24 Hour Added Security

One layer within impact-rated windows is constructed of laminated glass.  The laminated glass assists in keeping an intruder from easily penetrating the glass in your window. This tough material enhances the security on your home and encourages intruders to move on!

UV Protection

The extra layers of glass and shatter-resistant coatings of impact-rated windows also reduce the levels of ultraviolet light entering your home. Over time, exposure to UV light causes damage to fabric, artwork, photos and even the paint on your walls. Installing impact-resistant windows helps to limit fading, discoloration and other damage from ultraviolet light.

Energy Efficiency

Impacted-rated windows also work to retain heat in colder months and reduce solar heat gain during the warmer months. This directly translates to lower utility bills by reducing the need to run heating and air conditioning systems. The tight seals on these windows also prevent efficiency-robbing drafts and air leaks.

Home Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies recognize impact-rated windows as an effective solution to protecting your home. Before deciding on what windows and levels of protection are right for your home, speak to your insurance agent! Many companies offer ongoing discounts on home owners insurance when you install impact-resistant windows.

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