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Cure Condensation on Your Windows with These Tips

cure condensation

Cure condensation on your windows at home by following our recommendations below. Doing these should clear the haze and give you an excellent view of the great outdoors. An added benefit — elimination of the chance of moisture creating rot, mold or mildew in your home, requiring expensive repairs.

Cure Condensation from Your Windows

You want to look out your windows and clearly see the great outdoors. But first, you need to cure condensation. Lucky for you, our specialists at Lee’s Glass & Window Works have gathered some ways to help you get your view back of the inviting outdoors. As an added bonus, preventing moisture means removing a key ingredient to causing your window framing to rot and to forming mold and mildew.

Elimination of Condensation Playbook

Below we have listed a dozen effective tips to wipe out condensation both inside and outside your home and enjoy the view again.

1. Every time you cook or shower turn on your exhaust fans and leave them running for about 20 minutes after you finish.

2. Turn your ceiling fans on even in the winter to circulate air. Additionally, open blinds and curtains to enhance circulation around your windows.

3. Release warm, moist air outside by cracking open your windows.

4. Raise the temperature of your house to warm up window surfaces.

5. Make sure your attic and crawl spaces have good ventilation.

6. Additionally, make sure your washing machine and dryer have proper ventilation. One load of washing clothes can release up to a half a gallon of moisture into the air.

7. Plants release moisture, so move them away from your windows or outdoors. If you have an aquarium, make sure to cover it.

8. For those rare cold days in the Pensacola, Florida, area store your firewood in your garage or outside. Freshly cut firewood contains up to 45 percent moisture, while seasoned firewood 20-25 percent.

9. Allow the air to circulate freely inside your kitchen cabinets and closets by not over stuffing them with dishes and clothes. Additionally, place your furniture at least two inches away from your walls for better circulation.

10. Add weather stripping on the inside and outside of your windows. Besides preventing condensation this will reduce your heating and cooling bills.

11. Wipe down the inside and outside of your windows with Rain X. Hey, it’s a proven glass water repellent and cleaner on car windshields.

12. Buy a dehumidifier that fits your budget to keep humidity in your home between the 40 to 60 percent range.

If your windows are old or simply lack the energy efficiency qualities that new Energy Star-rated windows provide, taking all the steps above may fail to cure your condensation problems. You should consider replacing your windows. Lee’s Glass installs windows with a combination of vinyl frames and better insulated glass technology that dramatically improves the energy performance of today’s homes. Additionally, they help eliminate moisture accumulating on your windows.

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