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Custom Glass Shower Enclosures: The Finishing Touch to Your Bathroom Remodel

Custom glass shower enclosure

There are few remodeling projects that have as much of an impact on your home as updating a tired, out-of-date bathroom. Creating the perfect space to relax and reenergize after a long day can add immensely to the enjoyment you get from your home. For those who plan on putting their property up for sale, a well-executed bathroom remodel can elevate the market value and let their home stand out from the crowd.

The latest trends in interior design incorporate beautiful, custom tile work and high-end fixtures and hardware in bathrooms. After spending considerable effort and resources on these refined materials and expert workmanship, it just doesn’t make sense to hide them behind a traditional shower curtain. To truly showcase and enhance your investment, there is no equal to a professionally designed glass enclosure.

Framed or Frameless

When planning for a glass enclosure in a new or remodeled bathroom, there are a variety options to choose from. Custom enclosures can be framed, semi-framed, or frameless. Frames and hardware are available in multiple finishes, and glass panels and doors come in varying thicknesses, colors and textures. The right solution for your space must also take into consideration the dimensions and configuration of your bathroom, as well as how much weight your walls can support.

For standard size openings and smaller bathrooms, you may consider a framed enclosure. Available with sliding doors or swing doors with fixed panels, framed enclosures are an economical choice where the overall size and weight of the glass must be taken into consideration. Lee’s Glass & Window Works offers a variety of frame and hardware finishes that tie in to modern palettes. From sleek chrome and subtle brushed nickel to the more traditional oil rubbed bronze and gold finishes, a framed enclosure can add an upscale look for a minimal investment.

For a more open look in a bathroom that cannot support a fully frameless system, a custom designed, semi-frameless enclosure can provide the airier look many homeowners desire. With minimal framing, the weight of thicker glass can be supported while maintaining an open feeling.

In homes where the structural integrity of the walls can support the additional weight, a fully frameless design can truly let your bathroom shine. Offering a totally unobstructed view, custom tile work and beautiful fixtures take center stage and allow all of of the available light into the shower area. Featuring 3/8” or thicker tempered glass, a frameless system is a luxurious choice that creates an inviting space in which to relax.

Installed by Professionals

Due to the increased weight and structural requirements, it is important to be sure the design of a frameless system is undertaken by experienced professionals. The team at Lee’s Glass & Window Works has extensive experience in creating safe and inviting custom enclosures. From the initial measuring through the manufacturing and final installation, our experts work closely with you and other craftsmen to ensure your new bathroom will bring you years of enjoyment and add significant appeal to your home.
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