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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Installing new, energy efficient windows is an easy upgrade that offers a range of benefits to homeowners. In addition to lowering utility bills, new energy efficient windows can increase the comfort of your home and reduce your overall environmental impact. Using modern materials and construction techniques, energy efficient windows achieve all of these advantages while adding to the beauty and value of your home.

Components of Energy Efficient Windows

There are several factors that determine the overall effectiveness of energy efficient windows. The frame material and number of glass panes used are important considerations. Additionally, manufacturers offer special coatings that are applied to the glass to further reduce the amount of heat that passes through the window.

When selecting energy efficient windows, the frame material is often the first consideration. Traditional wood frames and modern vinyl frames tend to offer the best energy efficiency. Metal frames made from aluminum or steel conduct heat very rapidly, lowering their overall efficiency. Despite this limitation, new construction techniques have come a long way in improving the efficiency of metal frames.

Double pane windows are the standard in modern, energy efficient windows. By adding a sealed space between the panes, double pane windows offer excellent insulating properties. Many manufacturers also add inert gasses to these spaces. Colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, these gasses work by further reducing the flow of heat through a window.

Finally, there are an array of specialized coatings available that can enhance the energy efficiency of the glass. Known as low-emissivity, or low-E, these coatings can greatly reduce the loss of energy through the window. A special type of low-E coating, called spectrally selective, can filter out up to 70% of heat while allowing the maximum amount of visible light to pass into your home.

Energy Efficient Windows are Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners elect to buy energy efficient windows to reduce their monthly energy bills. In some homes, old windows can be the single largest factor in the loss of climate control. Single panes of glass, leaky seals, or warped frames all can cause drafts, leaving your HVAC system to work overtime to compensate. This leads to increased monthly energy bills and a shortened lifespan for your heating and cooling system.

The majority of an average home’s energy usage goes towards heating and cooling. By sealing out drafts and reducing heat transfer, new energy efficient windows can greatly reduce that usage. Many models of energy efficient windows also incorporate recycled and recyclable materials, leaving less trash in our landfills. As more homes switch to energy efficient windows, the overall impact on our environment is reduced.

Get the Right Mix of Features for Your Home

With all of the choices available in energy efficient windows, deciding on the best combination of features can be confusing. To help you find the right solution for your home, we offer a free consultation to explain the available options.

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