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Energy Star Ratings Mean Improved Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows

Your power bills continue to climb and your home can’t fight off the heat wave very effectively. You need help. Thankfully, Energy Star labels energy efficient windows to assist you in choosing the right ones to install. They will provide relief from heat and protect you from the cold, as well as help you save money on energy costs. Get those old drafty windows replaced immediately!

What the Energy Star Rating Means

Simply put, Energy Star began in 1992 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This government program has become the symbol for energy efficiency. It helps American homeowners choose, in this case windows, that save money on energy bills. Additionally, Energy Star products reduce greenhouse gasses and pollution without sacrificing performance.

When it comes to windows the National Fenestration Rating Council, better known as NFRC, estimates the average American household spends $1,500 to $2,500 annually on energy bills. About 45 percent goes toward cooling or heating our homes, making high-performance windows critical both for saving money and keeping your home at the right temp.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Two primary ways to ensure the windows you install are energy efficient windows. Look for the special Low-E coating and vinyl frames.

Low-E Coating

Make sure your furniture, paintings, family photographs and other interior decorations avoid fading or discoloring from ultraviolet light. Direct sunlight day after day can cause this damage. However, having an Energy Star approved coating, such as Low-E, can reduce fading by 75 percent.

Not only that, but Low-E reflects infrared light. This means it keeps cool air in your home during the summer and hot air in your home during the winter.

Vinyl Frames

One of the best rated frame materials, according to Energy Star, are vinyl frames. This polyvinyl chloride has turned into a very versatile window frame with a low U-factor, which means it resists heat flow and is more efficient. Because they come with small hollow chambers or with foam-filled insulation, they have earned a higher energy efficiency rating.

Vinyl windows resist moisture. Plus, these durable frames are maintenance-free because of the fact they come in one solid color. This eliminates the need for painting and the finish becoming damaged over time.

Recent advances offer vinyl windows in various colors. In addition, manufacturers have improved dimensional stability and resistance to deterioration from temperature extremes and direct sunlight. 

Combined with a higher performing Low-E glazing, the vinyl window frame becomes even more energy efficient.

Another Bonus from Energy Efficient Windows

When you decide to install high-quality vinyl frame windows with Low-E glass, remember you may qualify for a generous tax credit from Uncle Sam. For windows that qualify, such as Energy Star, you may reduce your taxes by up to $200 on your windows installed from 2006 to present.

This break comes on top of the energy savings on your power bill, with savings seen from a minimum of 25 percent to a maximum of more than 50 percent.

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