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Investing in Replacement Windows: Are They Worth it?

investing in replacement windows

Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come or you want to put it on the market in the next year, investing in replacement windows will benefit you. More energy efficient replacement windows immediately start to save you money on your energy bills. If you want to sell your home, the look of new windows, added energy efficiency and improved health benefits become great selling points. Staying or selling, Lee’s Glass & Window Works will install the right custom replacement windows for you!

Investing in Replacement Windows — If You Stay

Single pane windows found in older homes prove ineffective in keeping out drafts and making your home energy efficient. While no home repair provides a 100 percent return on investment, replacing single pane windows with more energy efficient double pane ones immediately begin paying off. Generally, homeowners save about 15 percent a year on energy bills.

Replacement windows update the look of your home. Often, the aluminum framing becomes discolored or pitted in older-style windows. Additionally, paint jobs may leave a mark. Wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass frames come with buying new windows. This enables you to match them with the style of your home. Turn heads and increase that curb appeal, invest in much-needed replacement windows!

Investing in Replacement Windows — If You Sell

All of the benefits to investing in replacement windows for your home apply whether you stay or sell. New windows set your home apart on the housing market. The added energy efficiency becomes a selling point to potential buyers.

Replacement windows almost always end up worth the money. It’s estimated homeowners recoup between 70-90 percent of the price, depending on the housing market and the home’s value.

Staying or Selling, Lee’s Glass & Window Works Will Help You Install the Right Windows!

Investing in replacement windows reaps many benefits. Lee’s Glass & Window Works can help you carefully choose the best windows for you and your home. Call us today!

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