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Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

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Winter in the South has arrived! The mercury is falling, and while we don’t usually experience the bitter temperatures seen by our neighbors to the north, the nights of sleeping with open windows has largely passed for us Gulf Coast residents. And yet, if your windows are aging, damaged, or otherwise past their prime, you may not be sealing out the cold and moisture as well as you think.

Outdated or damaged windows can detract from your home’s beauty, drive up heating and cooling costs, and can even compromise the security of your home.

So how can you tell if your widows are ready to be replaced? The following clues are some of the most common issues we see in windows that are in need of replacing:

Fogged Windows

Fogged windows, where moisture builds up and is visible between the panes of glass, are a sure indication that the seals on your windows are failing. This effect is most often seen on the side of homes that receive the most sunlight. The higher levels of solar energy can accelerate the shrinking and cracking of seals, allowing moisture to seep between the panes.

Excessive Heating and Cooling Costs

There are many factors involved in sealing your home against summer’s heat and winter’s chill. In most homes windows present the greatest number of opportunities for drafts and moisture to enter. Older windows are often constructed with outdated techniques and materials, and may have damaged or missing seals. This can lead to higher energy bills and, over time, more wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

Damaged or Broken Components

Cracked glass, broken hardware or other readily observable signs of damage are easy to spot for the average homeowner. However, there may be damage to the frame or seal that is not immediately apparent and can lead to serious issues down the road. If not rectified in a timely manner, signs of damage can show up in the areas surrounding your window: peeling paint on interior window sills or walls, warped or rotting wood in exterior sills or frames, and recurring mold or mildew. All of these are sure signs that there are issues that need to be addressed.

Broken or Missing Sash Locks

Missing or broken sash locks can leave your home open to thieves and intruders. Remember: the security of your home is only as good as the weakest link. Additionally, properly functioning sash locks help to make your windows more energy efficient by pushing the sashes into the frame and pulling the top and bottom sashes together forming a tight, moisture resistant seal.

One of the concerns we have heard our customers voice is the reluctance to start what they think is a huge construction project, especially during the busy holiday season. However, our dedicated team of installers make this a non-issue by completing most installations quickly and efficiently with little to no impact on your daily activities. Blinds and other window treatments will be returned to their original state, and what little mess is involved is cleaned up without a trace. Rest assured that you will quickly be enjoying your new, secure, energy efficient windows and the peace of mind they bring.

Call the experts at Lee’s Glass and Window works today at (850) 432-0865 to get advice on the right windows for your home. We will do what it takes to help keep your home cozy and safe for the holiday season and throughout the year.

"Greg and I love our new windows and doors from Lee's. Not only do we have a more energy efficient home, it also has a more appealing look to it. We experienced friendly professional service that comes with a quality locally owned family business. "
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