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Should I Repair or Replace My Window?

Discovering if you should repair or replace your windows.

If you’re having trouble with windows or sliding glass doors in your home, should you repair or replace them?

Properly functioning units provide beautiful views, keep your home secure and provide enhanced energy efficiency. However, if you discover an issue with your windows, some or all of these benefits may be lost. Follow these tips for inspecting and diagnosing your windows and sliding glass doors to decide between repairing or replacing them.

Repair or Replace: Dirty or Fogged Windows

Windows are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements and weather conditions. So it is only a matter of time until they appear dirty or clouded. However, it is important to note where the soil or fogginess is located. If the exterior of the window panes have accumulated a haze, it is a simple matter of cleaning them yourself or hiring a professional to get them clear again.

On the other hand, if you find dirt, residue or a buildup of condensation between the panes of glass in your windows, this usually indicates the window seal has failed. This requires replacing the window pane or unit.

Lee’s Glass Pro Tip: If you notice moisture inside your windows, don’t wait to contact us! Leaving windows with a failed seal in place greatly decreases their energy efficiency. It may even lead to moisture entering your walls where mold can grow!

Repair or Replace: Difficult to Open or Close

Issues with opening or closing your windows are usually due to problems with the tracks or related hardware. In simple cases, tightening the hardware and cleaning out any accumulated dirt in the track is an easy fix. For aluminum framed windows or sliding glass doors, be sure to use an approved lubricant after cleaning the track to keep the mechanism working smoothly. If the hardware is  bent or broken, however, the parts will probably need to be replaced.

If the hardware looks good and cleaning and lubricating the track does not fix the problem, the window frame may be warped. Over time, houses settle and put stress on the frame. Swings in temperature and humidity will often make this problem come and go as the weather changes. If this is the case with your windows or sliding glass doors, you will most likely need to have them replaced.

Repair or Replace: Sliding Glass Doors

The condition of the frame of your sliding glass door is the most important element to consider when evaluating if you need to repair or replace them. If the frame is still square and flat, it usually can be serviced or repaired. If there are deeper issues with your door, you may need to consider replacing the frame, hardware or even the entire unit.

Lee’s Glass & Window Works Can Help You Decide!

At Lee’s Glass & Window Works, we can help you get your windows and sliding glass doors back in working order! Whether you need to repair or replace, our team is experienced, knowledgeable and reliable. Call us today for a free estimate!

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