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Review Glass Shower Door Designs With a Pro

glass shower door designs

Those trendy frameless glass shower enclosures you want can add a spa-like feel to your bathroom remodeling project. However, be sure to go over your plans with a seasoned professional to help you choose the right style and proper fit. A pro will discuss the different glass shower door designs and make sure they’re measured right and installed properly. This will go a long way in guaranteeing your happiness with your new stunning frameless shower doors.

Review Glass Shower Door Designs

Frameless glass shower doors are one of the hottest trends in modern bathroom remodels. But before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to discuss your project with a company that has experience installing glass shower doors. In fact, it’s best to let them review options for glass shower designs with you before beginning construction. This could save you lots of headaches and dramatically increase your satisfaction with the final product.

These doors can be tricky to install, especially in tight or awkward spaces. Because the glass typically measures between 3/8-inch and ½-inch thick they are stronger — but also weigh a lot more. To support the 80- to 100-pound glass door requires stronger hardware and other construction measures that will hold them securely in place.

Why You Need a Professional

When you embark on a bathroom remodeling project like this, include a professional to consider all the relevant factors. At Lee’s Glass & Window Works, we begin by checking that the proposed glass door fits properly. In addition to taking precise measurements, you must take the movement of the glass into consideration. For example, be sure that your glass shower door designs avoid hitting any fixtures. If your shower sits in a tight space surrounded by the toilet, bathroom sink, closet door or other bathroom items, we make sure the door swings free and clear.

In very small bathrooms, sliding glass doors may work better than hinged glass doors. This option gives the light look of a glass door with the security of a solid frame where space is at a premium.

Another important factor to consider is that heavy glass shower enclosures are not water proof. To allow for doors to open, installers must leave a small gap between the door jambs and the fixed panels. Our expert shower door specialists at Lee’s Glass & Window Works can minimize leaking at seams and junctions through the use of clear silicone caulking. It seals frameless glass shower doors because of its properties — it is water resistant and does not shrink when it dries.

We also examine the design and point the shower head away from the door. Additionally, we prevent excessive leaking by keeping gaps to 1/16 of an inch wherever possible.

More Reasons to Review Glass Shower Door Designs

Other important things we look for when we review glass shower door designs:

  • Check for framing behind the shower tile to anchor the door hinges and glass clips.
  • The curbs, knee walls, etc. should tilt slightly inward to direct the water toward the drain, instead of pooling on the flat areas and running onto your bathroom floor.
  • Local building codes generally require swinging doors to open out. We can check local codes to see if you have other options.
  • We double check the hardware to ensure sturdy metals, such as solid brass, can support the heavy glass doors in place.

Lee’s Glass & Window Works Can Review Glass Shower Door Designs with You!

Professionally designed and installed glass shower doors frequently add up to 102 percent of the installation cost to the value of your home. Including our professionals at the start of the design stage ensures your frameless shower enclosures work perfectly in your bathroom. We can design and install a custom shower door far superior to anything you can find at a hardware store. Call us today and let’s design a second-to-none shower for your bathroom!

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