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ShowerGuard Glass: Clearly Better

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Custom glass shower enclosures are a great way to enhance a bathroom. Many homeowners choose glass enclosures for the clean, airy feeling that glass provides. They let in plenty of light and provide unobstructed views of beautiful tile work and and high-end fixtures. However, over time standard glass can end up looking cloudy and stained. Even with daily cleaning using powerful cleansing products, standard glass will eventually lose its sparkling clarity. To prevent this from happening, Lee’s Glass and Window Works recommends Guardian ShowerGuard glass products. Through the use of modern technology, ShowerGuard glass provides a crystal-clear view that will last for years to come.

Why Standard Glass Gets Dirty

To the naked eye, glass is a smooth, flat surface. However, the surface of standard glass is actually full of microscopic imperfections. Constant exposure to the hot, humid environment of a shower can further corrode the surface of standard glass, leaving more and deeper imperfections.

Over time, the minerals in water become embedded in these imperfections. This is how so-called “water spots” are formed, eventually transforming clear glass into a stained and cloudy eyesore.

How ShowerGuard Glass is Different

To prevent minerals, soap scum and other contaminants from getting a foothold, Guardian uses ion beam technology to deposit layers of protection on the surface of the glass. Building up these layers on the glass leaves a dramatically smoother surface that prevents staining and clouding.

Unlike spray-on coatings, ShowerGuard will not wear off through regular use. There is no need for re-application or expensive, specialty cleaners. With a little regular maintenance, ShowerGuard glass will stay clear through a lifetime of use.

Easy Cleaning

Showerguard glass requires only minimal upkeep with products found at most grocery and big box stores. For areas like Pensacola that have relatively soft water, occasional use of an effective cleaner and a soft sponge will quickly remove any traces of residue. The complete list of recommended and preferred cleaning products, including all-natural options, is available on the Guardian Showerguard website.

ShowerGuard Glass Options

To provide the best fit for almost any style bathroom, ShowerGuard is available in three finishes: Clear, Low-Iron, and SatinDeco.

  • ShowerGuard Clear: Adaptable to most installations, Clear allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of ShowerGuard in almost any bathroom. The permanent protective coating offers easy maintenance without a visible reduction in light levels.
  • ShowerGuard Low-Iron: By using lower levels of iron, ShowerGuard Low-Iron glass eliminates the slight green tint inherent in normal glass. In high-end, frameless installations where the edges of panels are visible, Low-Iron really shows off the increased clarity for which it is known.
  • ShowerGuard SatinDeco: For situations where privacy is a concern, Guardian offers SatinDeco. The inner surface of the glass features the same permanent coating found on all their products, while the outer surface of the glass is etched to leave a satiny, privacy-preserving finish.

All three finish options are available in standard 1/2″ and 3/8″ thick glass. The Clear option is also available in lighter weight 1/4” glass.

Lee’s Glass Pro Tip: No matter what thickness you choose, it is critical to be certain that your walls can support the weight of the glass. This is easier to determine before tile or other wall treatments are installed.

To see the difference that ShowerGuard can make, visit the specialists at Lee’s Glass and Window Works. Our team of professionals can design and install a custom glass shower enclosure that will provide years of low-maintenance enjoyment.

"Lee’s Glass replaced drafty 26 year old windows with PGT Vinyl WinGuard 500 Series Impact Resistant, Low E Windows. Wow, what a difference! Not only did they help update the look of my home, the windows have saved me a lot of money on my bill."
- David