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How Can I Extend the Life of Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are an excellent way to add an entrance that lets more light in to your home. Follow these tips from Lee’s Glass to extend the life of sliding glass doors and keep them working like new!

Sliding glass doors provide an easy-to-use entrance that lets in much more light than traditional doors. Usually found on the back side of houses, sliding glass doors provide easy access to backyard features such as decks or pools. Made almost entirely of glass, sliding glass doors provide great views of these features even when fully closed.

However, a malfunctioning sliding glass door is frustrating to operate and becomes a burden rather than a benefit. To keep them working smoothly, follow these simple cleaning tips from Lee’s Glass & Window works.

Fixing Stuck or Noisy Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors often develop issues that are different from those that affect hinged doors. The tracks that guide the doors sit at or below the level of the floor, so they tend to collect a lot of dirt or foreign objects. As they age the tracks also build up a layer of corrosion, especially in coastal homes exposed to salty breezes.

These issues often lead to noisy and difficult to open sliding glass doors. If these issues are not addressed, the door can even become stuck and all but inoperable. A little regular maintenance goes a long way towards avoiding these problems.

How to Clean and Maintain Sliding Glass Doors

To start, remove any screen panels, draperies or blinds to allow access to the area and to prevent them from getting soiled. Slide the door all the way open to expose as much of one side of the track as possible.

Clean the Track

Next, clean the exposed track by loosening any dirt from the track and other surfaces with a stiff brush or a small screwdriver. Then, use a vacuum to clear out the debris from the track. Inspect the track with a flashlight to make sure you did not miss any hidden dirt or objects.

Lee’s Glass Pro Tip: If you have a sliding glass door that is really stubborn or corroded, the door can usually be lifted up and off of the track. Once it is free of the track, the wheels at the bottom of the door can be cleaned and lubricated to roll freely. Be careful! These doors are very heavy and typically require two or more people to lift and move safely.

Lubricate the Track

Apply a generous amount of an appropriate lubricant to the track. Spray it on a cloth and wipe down all of the interior surfaces of the track. Be sure to lubricate all the places where the door contacts the track. If any of the lubricant gets on your floor, clean it up promptly to avoid slips and falls.

Lee’s Glass Pro Tip: Lee’s Glass recommends Alumaslick from LC Wax. It does a great job at lubricating and cleaning sliding glass doors and tracks. With regular use, Alumaslick can prevent the corrosion that causes sticking and noisy sliding doors.

Next, slide the door fully closed and follow the same process for the other side of the track. While you are at it, it’s a good idea to inspect, clean and lubricate the bottom of the screen door as well. Make sure the wheels at the bottom of the screen spin easily.

Once the entire track is fully cleaned and lubricated, slide the door fully open and shut for a few minutes to spread around the lubricant and listen for any rough spots. If needed, apply more lubricant to any spots that you find. Once the door is moving freely, replace the screen and other items you moved out of the way.

Call the Sliding Glass Door Specialists

When you are ready to add sliding glass doors to your home, give us a call. With a little attention, these beautiful and functional doors will serve you well for years to come.

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