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Top Five Questions We Hear From Customers

Top Five Questions

At Lee’s Glass & Window Works, we want to effectively answer any and all questions from our clients and prospective clients! To help make your window and glass decisions easier, we compiled the top five questions that our team frequently answers.

Top Five Questions at Lee’s Glass & Window Works

Do you provide free estimates on your window and glass services?

Absolutely! Our team provides all of our customers with a free estimate on the materials and services needed to complete their project. If there are options available, we’ll discuss the merits of each and how they affect the overall cost.

If one pane of a double-paned window is broken, do both pieces have to be replaced?

Yes. Double-paned windows are sealed units, so if either piece of glass is broken or the unit has lost its seal then the entire unit has to be replaced.

The glass in my sliding glass door is fogged, but the door is otherwise fully functional. Do I have to replace the entire door or just the glass?

As long as the frame is in good shape, the glass units can be replaced just like a standard window unit. Our glass door specialists can also replace the rollers and adjust the panels, greatly extending the service life of your door.

Do I have to install impact rated windows when I replace my old windows?

The requirements for impact ratings are determined by your local residential building codes. For example, you may be subject to the following code requirement:

If you replace more than 25% of your windows, you are required to either replace them with impact rated windows or replace them with non-impact rated windows and additional approved hurricane protection.  

It is crucial that you understand the applicable local building codes prior to making any decisions on the type of windows you purchase.

Note: Commercial windows and doors are subject to different code requirements than residential windows and doors.

I would like a completely frameless shower enclosure. Is that possible with my current shower layout?

Maybe… Safety and structural stability are the immediate concerns when designing a heavy glass frameless shower enclosure. The last thing you want is a pile of broken tempered glass in your shower. The doors in particular are very heavy and can produce a fair amount of torque on hinges and anchoring hardware.

For structural stability, the best way to anchor a door is to either hinge the door off of the wall or pivot the door under a header and through the sill. In addition, it is imperative that a stud pack is available under the tile whenever a door is hinged off of a wall.

Heavy glass shower enclosures are custom designed and every shower has its own engineering challenges. Although most homeowners desire more glass and less framing, occasionally a completely frameless enclosure just won’t work based on the shape and dimensions of the space.

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Don’t see the answer you’re looking for in our top five questions? Give us a call! At Lee’s Glass & Window Works we have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions and provide free, accurate estimates!

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