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A Window Cleaner to Make Your Glass Crystal Clear

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We all want a window cleaner that effectively removes dirt and grime. We desire a sparkly, shiny view with no streaks on the glass, especially with all the family and friends coming over this holiday season. Lee’s Glass & Window Works offers you a few proven ways to clean your windows today and in the future. Try an e-cloth, a homemade vinegar-based solution, or Windex for the best cleaning.

What Window Cleaner Will Make Those Windows Shine?

You used to have spectacular views out of those clean, shiny windows in your home. Now, the luster has disappeared with all the dirt and dust they have attracted. We suggest three window cleaners to restore that gloss that all homeowners desire. Try them and decide which option you like best.


Forget about that old wives’ tale about using newspaper to wipe your windows clean. This special high-tech window cloth makes your windows crystal clear. Simply add hot water and a little elbow grease and, presto!, lint-free, smear-free glass again.

The 1.6 million fibers per square inch on the e-cloth work in tandem with its polyester and nylon material to effortlessly eliminate all that stuff clouding up your window. Plus, this eco-friendly window cleaner removes 99 percent of bacteria.

Best of all, the manufacturer guarantees the cloths for 300 machine washings. If you used them every week that totals almost six years. Wash the cloths in warm or hot temperatures without any bleach or fabric softener. Hang them to dry or tumble dry them in your dryer.

Homemade Vinegar Solutions

Many DIY window cleaners swear by vinegar, saying it’s a “supernatural liquid.” Non-toxic and anti-bacterial, it kills germs, not people. Vinegar’s acidic composition breaks down the film that loves to cling to your windows.

Simply add a 50-50 mix of white distilled vinegar and tap water to a spray bottle. Some professional window cleaners add a little dish washing detergent to the mixture. If your windows have gotten really grimy and dirty, prewash them with very soapy water before hitting it with your vinegar-based homemade window cleaner spray. For those stubborn spots, dip a cloth in undiluted vinegar. Otherwise, use a soft bristle brush and a hose with water and watch your windows magically de-grungify.

One more tip from America’s do-it-yourself maven, Martha Stewart, from her series, “20 More Things Everyone Should Know”: Moisten the window first with a sponge and the solution before you clean the glass.


This store-bought, household glass cleaner ranked as the best in fighting streaks and spots on windows by Consumer Reports. Using the spray bottle and several clean, lint free clothes it topped all the other window cleaner brands available in your friendly neighborhood stores. Of course, you could also attack your dirty windows armed with Windex and clean microfiber towels.

Consumer Reports, a pre-eminent, unbiased product rating and review magazine, wrote that Windex products were: “Excellent for both indoor and outdoor grime.”

Turn to Lee’s Glass for All Your Window Needs!

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"Lee’s Glass replaced drafty 26 year old windows with PGT Vinyl WinGuard 500 Series Impact Resistant, Low E Windows. Wow, what a difference! Not only did they help update the look of my home, the windows have saved me a lot of money on my bill."
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