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Impact-resistant Windows Keep Out Burglars and Hurricanes

impact-resistant windows keep out burglars

You chose to live in the Pensacola area for its undeniable beauty. However, we do have crime in our fair city, as well as being most likely to experience the next major hurricane. But fear not! Impact-resistant windows keep out burglars and damage from violent storms. Invest in peace of mind with installation of these windows to protect you, your family and your home.

Impact-resistant Windows Help Keep Out Burglars and Hurricanes

Do you feel safe and secure at home? Because the chance always exists that someone might try to break into your home, some folks want additional opportunities to protect their family and their property.

One way to add extra security to your home: Impact-resistant windows. Besides protecting you from frequent visits by Hurricane force winds, they fight crime. Impact-resistant windows keep out burglars when you’re away. Additionally, they offer a myriad of other benefits from energy savings to blocking 99 percent of damaging UV rays.

Burglars know windows represent the weakest point of entry to any home. They want to spend as little time as possible breaking into your home — typically under a minute.

Many smash a first-floor window and enter your home while you do errands or have left for work. Within eight to 12 minutes on average, burglars will ransack your master bedroom for jewelry, collectibles, safes and cash. If they have time, they scan your home office, living room, and dining room to snatch other valuables left out in plain sight.

Thwarting Criminal Intentions

Impact-resistant windows keep out burglars because they simply refuse to break. If they can withstand six-foot-long 2×4s launched from a cannon at speeds of 34 mph, they can certainly resist anything a burglar throws at them.

In fact, in one recorded demonstration two men who look like Hercules break seven bats trying to enter an impact-resistant window. They strike it with a crowbar, whip it with a chain and pound it 31 times with an eight-pound sledgehammer to no avail. The impact-resistant window emerges victorious from the seven-minute onslaught.

These strong windows turned away real-life burglars at a Port St. Lucie Mobil Gas Station last year. Surveillance footage shows the two masked men swinging hammers at the glass, ramming their bodies into it and even kicking it. They managed to damage the glass but failed to break it and ended up walking away defeated.

Lee’s Glass Can Make Breaking into Your Home Harder by Installing Impact-resistant Windows!

Avoid the devastating feeling that results from a home burglary. Impact-resistant windows keep out burglars, making them a key part to your security system. Lee’s Glass & Window Works has helped its Gulf Coast neighbors since 1974 with smart window solutions. Call us today for any of your window or glass shower door needs!

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