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Top Three Things to Look for When Buying Windows

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When it comes to buying windows, you have lots of choices. But really you can make this easier on yourself by narrowing your selection down to three top factors. Consider the window manufacturer’s reputation. Do they have a history of producing high-quality products? A second thing to examine, the warranty coverage for the window and the work installing it. Finally, closely analyze both the experience of the glass company installing your windows, and research what customers say about their work. For instance, do they do reliable, high-quality and affordable window replacements.

Window Manufacturers’ Reputation

The process of buying windows may seem overwhelming. But homeowners can ensure they make the right choices for new windows for their home. For one, research the quality of the brand of window to make an informed decision.

The best manufacturers use higher quality materials increasing durability, enhancing performance and looking more attractive. Over the long run this will save you money.

Find out the information you need to know by looking at customer reviews, on top of checking out the manufacturers’ websites. Additionally, pick the brains of local professionals about what they have experienced.

Consumer Reports provides unbiased ratings and reviews of various brands and window products and can also help you make a smart selection.

At Lee’s Glass & Window Works, we only partner with top-notch manufacturers, such as Florida-based PGTShwinco in Dothan, Ala., and CGI, a Florida company.

Warranty Provided on Windows and Installation

Not only should you choose a reputable manufacturer, but check the warranty carefully. How long is it? Does it cover labor? How about broken glass? Will they replace worn out parts? Remember, even the best windows can break. A quality warranty covers a defective window and the labor to replace it. Remember, even the best windows can break. Be sure to ask questions about a window’s warranty before buying it.

For example, here are links to PGT warranties, which Lee’s Glass & Window Works uses, for its various residential windows, which range in length from three years to Lifetime. Meanwhile, Shwinco, another manufacturer we work with, offers a 30-year transferable warranty on its windows.

 Experience and Quality of Glass Company

Ok, you found the best manufactured window with the best warranty. However, buying windows makes no difference unless you choose a high-quality window installer. They must have both the experience, qualifications and reputation for installing windows correctly.

Do not hesitate to spend a little bit more money on labor to get your windows put in right. Make sure whoever you hire, such as Lee’s Glass & Window Works, are properly licensed and willing to pull permits.

You also want bids that detail specifications about the window brand, number of windows, frame color, type of glass, EnergyStar rating, and any additional features that need to be included in the proposal.

Additionally, make sure you know what to expect during the installation process. There should be minimal disruption to your home. Plus, you should trust your window installer.

 Consider Lee’s Glass & Window Works to Install Your Windows!

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