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When Replacing Your Sliding Glass Door is a Must

replacing your sliding glass door

Replacing your sliding glass door can provide your home and your wallet with a variety of benefits! However, do you know when you should replace your sliding glass door or simply repair it?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before seeking professional advice from Lee’s Glass & Window Works, ask yourself a few questions. Your answers should decide whether you need a new sliding glass door!

Is the door difficult to open or close?

If your door opens and closes with difficulty, it can be annoying, but even more importantly, it becomes a danger to you and your family. If your family cannot quickly exit your home in an emergency, like a fire, a tragedy could happen. Your door may be hard to open and close because it got knocked out of alignment with its tracks, damage occurred to its rollers, or because of the weather and poor installation.

However, you can request Lee’s Glass perform an inspection to see whether you should replace your sliding glass door. If it finds the glass door in good condition, Lee’s Glass can simply repair any damaged parts.

Do you find your door leaking during a heavy rainstorm?

In Florida, heavy rainstorms are no strangers. So, check all of your windows and doors to ensure they work properly. If heavy rainstorms cause your sliding glass door to leak, that means the sealing eroded away and the glass door must be replaced. Moisture and water can damage the structure of your home and even your belongings. Additionally, it poses a health hazard by causing mold to grow in your home that can lead to severe respiratory problems. 

Are you feeling a draft near your sliding glass door?

Feel hot or cold blasts near you sliding glass door? Replace it! These drafts through the glass door will increase your heating and cooling bills! Instead, increase your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your power bills by replacing that sliding glass door.

Lee’s Glass Can Help You and Your Home with Replacing Your Sliding Glass Door!

Replacing your sliding glass door provides a multitude of benefits, including improving the appearance of your home. Call Lee’s Glass, your window and glass specialists, for a free estimate and proposal today!

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